Vessel Assessment, Selection and Assurance

We are able to support our customers to identify ships and equipment that are appropriate to their needs. We use our vessel assessment and selection process to achieve this. 

We can provide a basic assessment for feasibility studies, through to detailed assessment and vessel assurance for specific projects.

Our work may include searching the offshore vessel market, technical and commercial evaluation, and then assisting our customers to secure the identified solution in a timely manner. 


The assessment will include (but not limited to):

  • Dynamic positioning capability requirement
  • Deck Area
  • Deadweight or Cable Load
  • Equipment – Crane / ROV / Helideck etc.
  • Accommodation numbers (PoB)
  • Environmental – Water Depth / Current / Sig. Wave Height
  • Any other specific customer identified requirements.
  • Availability
  • Commercial summary



A more detailed review of project requirements and vessel capabilities, to ensure that all technical requirements are met, or risk assessed / mitigated. A vessel inspection and audit may be included. This also includes an assessment of the supply contract to ensure that the identified solution meets the commercial requirements of the customer.


We use our vessel assurance procedure to ensure that all vessels are delivered to the customer in accordance with industry standards and their own requirements. The guidelines set by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) are primarily used as the basis for the marine operational standards.